photo by Dan Root

SaraGalasBand HER cover by Rina Root (14

Sara Galassini ~ Lyrics, Compositions, Voice


Yukio Tsuji ~ Compositions, Arrangements,

Shakuhachi, Guitar, Percussions, Synthesizer, Voice


Claudio Scarabottini ~ Mandolin, Synth Piano, Ucalele

Gianluca Bibbiani ~ Accordion


Paolo Rosichetti ~ Electric and Upright Bass


Sergio Reyes ~ Violin


Marco Cocchieri ~ Mixing & Mastering

The album was recorded at Strumenti & Musica Studio, Spoleto, Italy in July 2018.

Intestazione Arspoletium_edited.jpg

"Sara Galas Band are the colors and passion of the Mediterranean

combined with the breath of Japan's spirituality,

meeting between the frenetic rhythms of New York multiculturalism"

HER Official Video

HER is a collection of songs written to honor the feminine spirit of mother earth, to celebrate nature and her teachings

HER is an ode to the deep love that exists in each of us

HER is a journey towards feeling deeply in order to get back one true self, one's own choices, actions and responsibilities, which concern ourselves and the future generations

HER is a door that opens towards the unknown or what has not yet been understood

it is a promise of honor made to oneself, a hymn to possibilities and diversity

it is a hand offered with confidence, trust and without conditions

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